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Driftwood Dripping Springs Remodel Renovation contractor



ASSET began as a desire to offer trustworthy craftsmanship and reliable service to the residents and businesses in our community. Our care for people and integrity in our workmanship are qualities that set us apart from others in the profession. We pride ourselves in the positive, lasting relationships we form with clients and aim to gain your confidence. We are proud to offer our unique knowledge and experience and to continue serving the central Texas area.


Marc Dupler, Owner

I took a job out of college working for a custom home builder because I had no idea what I wanted to do and it sounded like fun. I knew I wanted to do something with my hands, something challenging and rewarding. I grew up around some professional tinkerers, resourceful in how they were able to make things work...thanks Papa and Grandpa!  


Helping build a set of stairs up to a garage apartment led to building several homes in the Texas Hill Country. I stepped out on my own and started taking on small projects, remodels, and anything I could get my hands on. Marc Dupler Construction was formed. A wide range of projects and lots of experience later, my company expanded into commercial services. A couple of years later Asset Custom Builders was born. Around that same time, my brother approached me with the opportunity to start a pest control business, which soon became Asset Pest Management. (Check out his bio below to hear about the expertise he contributes to our business). The goal was to form an “Asset” brand to build on that would encompass a broad range of services.


I have a passion for seeing creativity come to fruition and helping people's ideas become reality.  Today, with the help and support of my sweet wife and two adventurous sons, the Asset team is cranking along on all cylinders to create, craft, build, serve, repair, kill (bugs), and share lots of smiles with the likes of you!

Cody Dupler, Owner

In 2008, I started a lawn maintenance company in Kerrville.  We created a service model that was unique to our business and things took off quickly.  Once our growth leveled out and some key employees were helping to manage the lawn business, Marc and I were able to complete our training and become licensed in both structural and agricultural pest control. 


Today, Asset's lawn operation is thriving and has expanded to include pest control, offering a much-needed service to residents and business owners.  We are one of a few businesses that offer aquatic pest control, as well as traditional home and commercial applications.  It is our goal to provide quality, professional services, and build a reputation that is second to none.


I am supported by my lovely wife and four great kids.

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          Kelly Simmons                               Carlos Arita

                 Project Manager                                                Project Manager

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